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Please leave a review of Mrs. Lollie Claus and/or Nevada Santa’s appearance and PRETTY PLEASE 🙂 some photos using the file uploader below. 

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Many report Mrs. Lollie Claus' and/or Nevada Santa's appearances and services touch the hearts in people of all ages. We especially like hearing about the personal experiences and special moments those at your event/visit had with Mrs. Lollie Claus and/or Nevada Santa.

If you or those at your event/visit, have any experiences or special moments with us during our appearance we would appreciate you sharing them with us. Also feel free to share about anything else you would like us to know about the value of our services.

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    I’ve been asked several times about gratuities. First, they’re certainly not necessary (and frankly, I’m not even sure if they’re customary) but of course, they are certainly appreciated, and if you’re feeling generous, please CLICK HERE
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