Mrs. Lollie Claus – Backstory

Mrs. Lollie Claus – Backstory

I was born on December 25, 1792. It is not polite to ask a woman her real age, so I will just say, “I am hundreds of years old, but much younger than Santa.”

My childhood was amazing. Both dad and mom were always patient, loving, kind, but also firm when needed. As far back as I can remember, winter and Christmastime have been my favorite time of year. Winter brings the chill in the air making snow fall and blanket the ground with a wonderland of fun. After a snowfall, I would dress in my warm red coat, hat, mittens, and boots to go out and play in it. There was sledding, building a snowman, an occasional snowball fight, or catching snowflakes on my tongue. I would follow each snowflake as it floated from the sky to my tongue. Each one had a flavor all its own and no two looked alike. As the darkness would begin to fall on a day of play it was time to warm up in front of the glowing fire my father had built in the fireplace.

My mother’s name was Lollie. She was the best baker I know. Our house always smelled sweet and delicious. I loved baking with her. We made cakes, pies, and candies, but the cookies we baked were what I loved the most. We baked cookies of every kind. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, thumbprint, snowballs, gingerbread, and too many more to mention. Baking always reminds me of my beautiful mother. Memories I will cherish forever.

Growing up I was always curious about who Santa Claus was. I knew he existed, wore a red suit, and lived at the North Pole. But I wanted to know more like, what did his house look like? What did the elves look like? Who took care of the reindeer? Was there a Mrs. Claus? If so, what did she look like? Was she like my mother? So many things I wanted to know. It was all a mystery which I wanted to solve.

I carefully read every book I could find about Santa. It was not long before I learned that like my parents, he was patient, kind, and loving. He truly was the magical spirit of Christmas. But I wanted to know more! I wanted to know how I could go to the North Pole and find him. He heard me.

On the Christmas Eve of my 30th birthday I spent the day baking like mother, and I always did. Cookies were my favorite gift to give any time of year. That evening the snow began to fall. All sounds outside fell silent as it does when it snows. I wrapped up my last batch of cookies in brightly wrapped boxes, placed a couple of them on a small plate near the Christmas tree for Santa, turned the oven and kitchen light off, and headed upstairs to my room. I snuggled myself into bed, closed my eyes, and before long I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. The sweet smell of my freshly baked cookies filled the air. My dreams were different this night. I suddenly had a clear picture of what Santa’s house at the North Pole looked like, what the elves looked like, and that the elves took care of the reindeer. But there was no vision of Mrs. Claus. I sat up in bed and looked out my window at the falling snow. This night it too was different. As each flake slowly fell to the ground they glowed in the moonlight like diamonds. Tonight, they were more magical to see.

The sweet smell of my cookies was tempting my senses. The cookies and a glass of warm milk was calling my name. So, I put my slippers and robe on and headed downstairs to the kitchen to satisfy my late-night craving. As I walked down the hall to the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of something in my living room. Could it be? I had to know. I peeked around the corner from the kitchen into the living room and there he was. Dressed in red and eating one of my cookies. “Wonderful tasting cookie!” he said. “The sweet and delicious smell continues to warm my heart each year as it has done since you were a small child.” “Is it really you, Santa?” I asked. With a soft Ho, Ho, Ho, and a warm smile he said, “Yes, it is. Every year you are on my nice list. Your heart is patient, kind, and loving just like your parents were. I have been looking forward to seeing you this year.” “Why?” I asked. “The North Pole is always bustling. There is always something to do. My life is full of joy, but there is something missing. That something is you. Would you be my Mrs. Santa Claus?” It was a magical snow! I realized I was not dreaming and had finally met the man I had loved all my life. With my heart pounding, I joyfully accepted his marriage proposal. My Mr. Santa Claus told me that he would be back with the sleigh to get me before dawn. He then finished his cookies and milk, flew up the chimney, and off into the night.

As the magical snow continued to fall, I found myself dancing around my house squealing with joy! I never felt any fear about what had just happened or becoming Mrs. Santa Claus. My heart was full of excitement and joy for the life I would be spending forever. I was the luckiest woman in the world!

Just before dawn, Santa picked me up in his sleigh as promised. Just as quickly as he arrived the two of us were off to the North Pole. As we arrived at the North Pole, I could see the elves awaiting our arrival on the snow-covered ground below. The reindeer made one large circle in the sky before landing. The North Pole, Santa’s house, the elves, looked just like everything I saw in my dream, but now I knew what Mrs. Claus looked like. She looked just like me!

There were so many elves! Their singing and cheering echoed through the air as the sleigh slowly descended. As the sleigh landed, they encircled us excited to hear about Santa’s travels and about me. In his loving voice, he asked the elves to be patient as there was a more important matter to tend to. Santa and I saying, “I do” to each other and becoming husband and wife. So there, under the northern lights with the magical snow falling, Santa and I said our vows of love to each other as hundreds of elves and the reindeer stood witness. We then took a ride in the sleigh under a canopy of stars. I would like to tell you it was the happiest day of my life, but every day as Mrs. Claus is the happiest day of my life.

The next day Santa took me on the complete tour of all there was to see at the North Pole. I met each elf and each reindeer. One elf asked Santa if they should call me Mrs. Claus. Santa looked at me then back at the elf and said, “I would like you to call her Lollie which was the name of her mother who was patient, kind, and loving as she.” My eyes welled with tears as I repeated my new name, Mrs. Lollie Claus.

Now every day at the North Pole is a busy one. There is always something to do. Of course, my main responsibility is taking care of Santa. I help him go through every letter and put them in alphabetical order by first name. I double and triple check Santa’s naughty and nice list to make sure there are no mistakes.

While I love taking care of Santa and helping him get ready for Christmas, I still love to bake. Baking with the elves is so much fun! You know all those cookies I used to bake with my mother? Well, the elves and I have been baking them for years! Here is a little history about the cookies the elves and I have been baking long before families were leaving them out for Santa on Christmas eve. Gingerbread cookies are one of the oldest cookies. They originated in ancient Egypt and became popular starting in 1610. In the 7th century it was found the sugar cookie was wonderful for decorating. A tradition we still carry on at the North Pole. Do you have this tradition? The buttery cinnamon flavored cookie known as the snickerdoodle became a favorite around the world in 1889. The elves and I call the snickerdoodle, Saint Nickerdoodle, after Santa. He laughs when we call them that. In the 1900’s several other of our cookies became well known. You know them as chocolate chip, thumbprint, and snowballs. If you ask Santa what his favorite cookie is he will tell you he likes, “Home baked, and store bought.” He makes the elves and I giggle all the time with his little anecdotes and silly jokes. The elves and I love how our baking helps keep Santa round and jolly.

Now, Santa and I never had children of their own. Our children are the elves. It is my job to teach them right from wrong, to take care of them when they are sick, and do all I can to make each one of them feel special. Santa and I love them all very much. While Santa is busy tending to the naughty and nice list, I make sure the elves are working hard in the toy shop and are taking loving care of the reindeer. They are always there to do whatever needs to be done each day whether I ask them or not.

Mrs. Claus loves all the reindeer, and they love her. I call each one by name and make sure they attend flying school every day. There are nine main reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh and each one’s name has a very special meaning. Dasher loves to go fast. Dancer loves to dance for us. Prancer can be a little vain, but he is very affectionate. Vixen is slightly tricky which explains why he loves to entertain us with his magic tricks. One of the most handsome reindeer is Comet who is also good with kids. Cupid is the most affectionate of all the reindeer. He loves to bring everyone together whenever he has a chance to. Now Donner, he loves to sing loudly so everyone can hear him at the North Pole. Blitzen is as fast as a bolt of lightning! His energy is infectious. Then there is the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph! His nose guides Santa’s sleigh through the snowy night on Christmas eve. They make the most amazing pets.

Life at the North Pole is always busy for Santa and I, but it is important for us to spend time with each other. So, each year after the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, we go on a nice vacation to a place where it is nice and warm, and we can relax in the sun. We spend time going on long walks, watching Christmas movies, telling silly jokes to each other. Once vacation is over, we return to the North Pole where I help Santa and elves plan and prepare for next Christmas. I have the most wonderful life!


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